Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies?!

Are you looking for the PERFECT activity for the entire family for less than the price of a movie ticket?  Join us on The Great Cookie Quest! 

Get ready to see smiles and hear the sounds of laughter as your family bakes samples of 10 famous chocolate chip recipes for the equivalent supplies as a double batch of cookies... all while you make priceless memories that will last far longer than the delicious treats!  ❤️

Best $7 you'll ever spend!

We're ready to make memories (and some cookies)!


You'll receive TEN famous chocolate chip cookie recipes broken down into smaller portions and then we will go over how to make them all at once to have a blind taste-testing!   What is better than a milk and cookie testing night?


Worried about not having enough eggs, butter, and sugar to make ALL these cookies?  Don't be! With the smaller portions, we will only be using the same amount as making a double batch of cookies. Plus you can do it whenever is convenient for your family's schedule!


Families are going back to simple this year, and enjoying time at home without running from activity to activity. The moments and memories you will make baking delicious cookies are exactly what will make staying home worth it! ❤️

Watch to learn more about The Great Cookie Quest!


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Join us on The Great Cookie Quest!

Hours of fun for the whole family

Now more than ever families are looking for new and fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. That's why we've created this crazy fun and delicious cookie baking class. 
I think we can agree there is no better combination than milk and cookies to brighten everyone's day - whether they are 2, 12, or 42!  Am I right?  
For just $7 you will receive immediate access to bake ALL the famous cookies out there including: 
    • Joanna Gaines - Magnolia Table
    • Martha Stewart
    • DoubleTree by Hilton
    • DisneyWorld
    • Mrs. Fields
    • And more!
Whether you test just one, or all ten, your whole family will smile with delight... and probably with chocolate all over your faces! 
Give me all the cookies!

Lauren R. - Mom of 2

I saw an ad for The Great Cookie Quest on Facebook.  My parents are visiting from PA for the first time since Covid-19 hit and I thought this would be fun to do with grandma and grandpa and their grandgirls! This was beyond fun. It takes a few simple ingredients and 10 bowls to get going. We followed the steps and filled one ingredient at a time in all bowls, working and laughing as a team. Before we knew it we were snacking on chocolate chips and waiting by the oven hoping to get a glance at the little dough balls melting into cookies. 

Just such a fun activity that I would love to do again. We all rolled into bed full and having had such an awesome family bonding experience. So grateful that this ad popped up and that we took a leap of faith. So much fun and love how unconnected from technology we can be and how we can create lifelong memories. Thanks Kennett Kitchen for a fun idea. Worked so well for our 5 year old and 11 year old. Grandma also loved doing it and she is ready to try her favorites at home.

Brittany B. - Ages 2, 5, 7, 10, 12

This was one of the funnest things that we've done as a family. We love to bake together, but this was so well thought out and everyone was able to participate. Making small batches of dough was a little difficult, but we were so full after taste testing. The very best part of it was getting everything lined up for the blind taste testing. The kids had SO much fun as they "evaluated" each cookie and then ranked them. I would definitely do this again and recommend it to any family who needs a fun and engaging activity to do!

Martha S. - Ages 12, 14

What a fun day! We took the afternoon the make and bake all 10 recipes. And then we tasted them - I created a judging sheet that had spots for Appearance, Taste and other exceptional features. Not only did we talk about what the different ingredients might do to the recipe, but the kids were really empowered to cook themselves! This activity is going to stay in our memory banks for a long time.


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