Is your family ready to Nail It for the holidays?

The holidays are going to look a little different this year. Time to spark some delicious excitement for your kids and join our first-ever virtual Family Nailed It competition!

Spend time together as a family trying to recreate our Winter Wonderland masterpiece and encourage creativity in your child.  You'll even compete against other families for prizes.

Bring your A-game and get ready to Nail It! 

⛄️ We want in! ⛄️


Your receive immediate access to your first Winter Wonderland masterpiece, and you'll have until December 20th to complete it.  Then, receive 2 additional masterpieces to recreate at any time - perfect for those down days during school breaks to keep kids entertained!


What competition would be complete without PRIZES?!  Prizes will be awarded based on many different factors and will even leave room for some creative spins.  We will have prizes for EACH masterpiece so there are lots of ways to win.


Nothing like some delicious festive scenes to raise the spirits of your child during this crazy holiday season of cancelled gatherings and lost traditions!  This competition will bring priceless smiles, laughter, and incredible joy back to your child and your family! ❤️

"Megan - thank you so much for putting this together. Our kids had a great time together coming up with ideas and creating for the rounds. We are so appreciative of the time you put into this. "

Lauren M.

"...And honestly it doesn't matter who "wins" I think us parents did. I loved the 1:1 time with my son!"

Jessica A.

"Thank you Megan! It’s making me really happy that she’s not even getting hung up in winning or losing just having so much fun and doing her best job. I really appreciate all the support and it really touches her so much when you give her a shout out! Her enthusiasm lights me up as well and makes all of the daily kitchen cleanings worth it in the end! I hope we get to meet someday soon too!"

Leisa K.

We are here to make memories!

We have brought thousands of families together in the kitchen through our kids baking experiences at The Kennett Kitchen here in Kennett Square, PA over the past 4 years. 

But now we want to spread our passion and impact even more families, whether near or far. That is why we're bringing this competition to YOUR kitchen!  I'll meet you there!  ❤️

When do we start?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope!  The first challenge will be waiting for you in your members area and you have until December 20th to complete it. You can do it whenever works best for your schedule - whether it's something to occupy your kids in between virtual classes, an after-school activity, or a weekend event!

Prizes will be awarded for entries submitted by Sunday December 20th.  But you can even continue your masterpiece any time beyond that just for fun.  Plus you will receive 2 additional challenges you can do anytime!

This is a completely virtual challenge. No physical supplies are mailed to you. 

As far as ingredients you will need, you will receive a list of supplies we used to create our masterpiece, but we highly encourage you to DIY it all from whatever you have on hand at home.

Our masterpieces will be non-religious WINTER themes.  You can absolutely tweak them to follow whatever holiday you celebrate in your house, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even Christmakkah (O.C. fans anyone?!) 

All active Family Bake Dates members will receive free registration for this competition.  We will automatically add it to your members area for you - it may already even be there. 

Curious about joining our membership to get into Nailed It for free?  Learn more here.  

That's what is so great about this competition - It's suited for ALL ages of kids!  

This really is meant to be a family event that brings everyone together whether they are 2, 22, or 52!  

Regardless of your kids ages, it is INCREDIBLE to see how creative kids get, and more importantly, the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment they feel after creating something of their own in the kitchen.  

Great question!  You only need to register your family once even if you have multiple children. 

So for only $27, which is FAR less than the cost of taking your family to a movie (although who's doing that these days?!), you have a fun family activity that lasts for weeks. 

Each child can submit their own creations or your kids can work together on one family creation.



Prizes will be awarded one week following the final submission date.  We have not yet determined prizes since we will increase the number and value of prizes based on the number of participants. 

In the past, we have awarded cookbooks, prize packs full of kitchen goodies, gift cards, and monthly and annual subscriptions to our kids baking membership! 

Our team of Kennett Kitchen judges will review each submission individually.  However, the worst part about this competition is that it's a competition.  :)  

This competition is about the time you are spending together.  The memories you are making.  So although there will be prizes and judges, let's all remember what this is truly about!

Your challenges will be accessible in a private members area and also will be available in a private Facebook group.  This is also where you will submit your entry - whether it be photos or a fun video! 

HOWEVER, you do NOT need Facebook to participate.  You can access all videos in the members area and also submit your entry via email.


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