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Grab our Best Brownie Battle to test 8 famous brownie recipes in a blind tasting to find your family's favorite...  all for the equivalent of a double batch of brownies.  

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🍏Cobblers, Crisps, & Crumbles

Ever wonder what exactly is the difference between an Apple Crisp, Cobbler, and Crumble?   Aren't they just all the same?

In this dessert battle, your family will find out as you bake mini-portions of 5 different apple desserts at once to determine which is which AND find your family's favorite.  The perfect Fall or Thanksgiving family activity!

What you'll get: 

🍏 5 delicious apple dessert recipes- reduced into smaller portions perfect for taste-testing (and of course you'll get the full size recipes, too)

🍏 Prerecorded video tutorials on how to complete the recipes quickly and efficiently

🍏 Fun extras like a breakdown of apple types and great uses for those leftover peels


PLUS - register by November 18th and you'll receive BONUS additional mini-batch apple recipes like apple cider donuts, apple dumplings, apple streusel muffins, and more!


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*This is a digital product only.  No food supplies are included and must be purchased separately. 


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